Vintage With Grace Mineral Paint

Vintage with grace has been offering inspiring pieces of painted furniture for the home and garden since 2013, when Rachael first opened her shop in Palmyra square Warrington Cheshire and welcomed an influx of eager customers looking to give their old furniture a new lease of life.

The original concept of the business was to offer a re-loved painted makeover service for client’s furniture alongside the implementation of classes and workshops for budding fellow furniture artists. This was as well as Rachael buying affordable vintage pieces from around the UK and France to repaint and sell in her shop. Inspiration for product selection and design came mainly from her own imagination, however, she was heavily influenced by French and Scandinavian colour palettes.

Having been knocked back by other well-known paint brands to become one of their regional stockists, Rachael developed her own furniture paint range in 2015 the obvious next step for vintage with Grace was to become Vintage With Grace self-sealing mineral paint.

She noticed the trend of more and more furniture artists emerging in her area, so was to meet the massively huge demand for painted furniture with supply. she set to work, perfecting the art of distressed paint techniques and becoming a self-taught furniture painting artist. Vintage With Grace Chalkpaint now has a steady rise in stockist inquiries across the UK and has been described by Re-loved magazine as “the UK’s best-kept secret in furniture paint”.Racheal had always had an interest in interior design and turning what many would call their ‘junk’ into something re-loved and new.  Keeping my eye on thrown away packaging or pretty boxes that would come in useful if given a new lease of life. So it wasn’t a huge surprise to me, that at the age of 37 my hobby was revisited in the form of painting old and tired furniture that I found in second-hand shops.

Again I was fascinated by transforming something ordinary into a bespoke piece of art in the form of a chair or sideboard. Using other well-known brands of furniture paint, I quickly realised I had a flair and passion for not just my own designs on pieces, but undertaking commission work for clients. This lead to me setting up classes for small groups to pass on my knowledge.

I Knew What I Wanted

Around the same time as my new found skills were being honed, the shabby chic and furniture revolution was back on trend, and many other furniture artists in my area were coming to the fore, establishing a huge interest in furniture paint, and after not being completely impressed with other brands of furniture paint,i took the brave decision to research my own recipe and brand my own paint.

At the age of 40, three years after I had begun furniture painting, I became the founder of Vintage with Grace. As a painter, I knew what paint I wanted and also knew what worked and what didn’t for simplicity, and time-saving issues. I wanted a paint that would provide the best coverage, simple application rapid drying time, and be environmentally friendly. A lot of research also went into sealants and waxes to apply after the paint application, however nothing I tried came even close to the products I had favoured, so I decided to choose this wax brand company to collaborate with Vintage with Grace Chalkpaint and Polyvine wax finish make a perfect couple. With the launch of the paint and very little marketing and advertising, we have slowly emerged as being one of the furniture paints brands to trust…simple and effortless elegance.